We know that billions of beneficial bacteria are present inside our gut. We know very little about importance and function of these beneficial becteria. Balance of these beneficial bacteria is root of health and imbalance of these bacteria is root of disease.More than 90% of us are suffering from mild to moderate imbalance of these gut bacteria(Dysbiosis).

These beneficial bacteria has a lot of functions inside our body.
1. Producing short chain fatty acids which supply a valuable proportion of human energy requirement.
2. Producing a number of valuable nutrients notably Vitamins B and Vitamin K.
3. Participating in metabolism of drugs, hormones and carcinogens and production of antibacterial substance.

4. Protecting the host from infection by pathogenic bacteria through
competing for space (usually we get salmonella infection when salmonella bacteria are more than 1 lac in number. But if we have got moderate to severe dysbiosis, then only 10 salmonella bacteria can cause typhoid fever)
5. Maintaining a healthy intestinal ph.
6. Enhancing immune function.
7. Activating 20% thyroid hormone T4 to T3.
8. Degrade methyl mercury
9. Affect serotonin levels.

Almost every chronic disease is associated and aggravated when there is imbalance of these friendly bacteria (dysbiosis) through several mechanism. Majority of diseases and symptoms are due to yeast over growth, inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.

It’s very necessary for us to know the importance of these healthy bacteria and cause of dysbiosis in general population. In any chronic disease we should first take care of these basic things. We are not using our internal resources as medicine.