Almost in every chronic disease all of us are advising our patients to modify their life style. But it works only marginally, why ? Actually we don’t know exactly and deeply what & how we should do and modify. Even our standard books has not given a lot of important basic things. If we leave any one cause then it may not be effective at all. We have to take all the causes simultaneously. Effect will not come soon and it may take years for significant effect.

These three figures show the main strategy of life style modification our standard books mention. But there is no coverage of many important things eg. Hypovitaminosis D & B12, High omega 6 : 3 ratio. There is no mention of environmental toxins and their ingestion, neutralization and removal from our body. A lot of other toxic material (xenoestrogen = endocrine disruptor) having hormone like effect are imbalanacing our hormones and effecting every organ. These toxins are responsible for every chronic disease by damaging our immune system.
There is no mention of slow and persistent radiation effect of things which we are using daily. There is no mention of many conditions acting as silent killers. eg. Snoring: It is a very widely prevalent condition affecting more than one third population and 5-10% having sleep apnea. But we are not aware of that. It is very much harmful for our health and a risk factor for almost all chronic diseases. It is a silent killer.

We are not aksing from our patients whether they are suffering from snoring or not. Even
we don’t know the harmful consequences of this condition and not considering to correct it.How our life style modification can work ?

These are only few examples. There are lot of other things which should be modified. Because we don’t know exactly, how lifestyle modification should be done. It does not work. Because we think that It will not work, so we advise our patients half heartedly. Because we advise to our patients half heartedly and don’t emphasize it. Patients also don’t follow the advice given.

We should address all the causes and emphasize the patients that these are root causes. We have to modify them irrespective of response. This is more important than taking pills. Then we can reverse the disease in more than 90% of patients with more than 90% of efficacy.All the drugs will be reduced to minimum after few years.

we are not consuming the nutrients what we assume that we are getting from particular food item. Soils are deprived of minerals. Practically nutrient contents of fresh foods are low. Nutrient contents are further reduced during transportation and storage. When they reach to us, our storage & cooking procedure further reduces the percentage of nutrients. Even we are not aware of contamination, adulteration & malafide procedure for keeping foods as fresh looking.

We should know the procedures to minimize the loss of nutrients & how to increase nutrient content of our food & how to reduce and remove the effects of toxins and adulteration.