Make A Difference

  1. If Prevalence data of these conditions are right, then why we are not thinking to investigate and correct these abnormalities after diagnosing a patient of Chronic disease. ? (Diabetes, hypertension, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Cancer etc)
  2. We know so many environmental toxins and endocrinal disruptor which we are inhaling or ingesting on daily basis. Why we don’t advise and stress the patient to rectify these things after diagnosis of Chronic Disease ?
  3. HUNZA’S PEOPLE (about 40000 Persons in Peak of Himalayas extreme North of India) have almost no modern Chronic Disease. Why we don’t learn from them ?
  4. Why we don’t interpret the RDA & Normal Values according to definition of health given by W.H.O. & define new optimal values ?
  5. All these prevalent conditions and toxins also reduces our immunity. Chances of having all acute and chronic infectious disease will be higher and recovery from these diseases will be prolonged. Why we are not utilizing this knowledge in management of acute and chronic infectious diseases.
    Ex. T.B., Pneumonia, Typhoid & Others.
  6. Why these data are not being utilized in our National T.B. Control Programme and other Health Programmes ?
  7. Majority of causes remain present before birth of child.We don’t have the idea that majority of Chronic Diseases starts decade before their manifestation.Why a National Compaign of awareness by Government and media is not being done for doctors and general public ?
  8. If awareness of these data to doctors can have a large impact (upto 80%) on central health budget & economy of our country, then why our Government is not taking any action ?