These are contradictions in our books. Either these diseases are lifestyle diseases or Idiopathic.

  1. Idiopathic does not mean that there is no cause. But It means that exact etiology is not known and yet to be identified.
  2. These diseases are labelled as Idiopathic because we can’t cure or reverse them 100% after correcting or modifying the causes.
  3. We can reverse about 90% cases of about 90% diseases with 90% success.
  4. In remaining 10% diseases &10% case of other 90% diseases,we can’t do much because of the factors which can’t be modified or reversed or disease has advanced so much.
  5. But for these 10% cases, we should not label all these diseases as Idiopathic.
  6. When we label them as Idiopathic,we stop thinking the causes and stop work on causes.
  7. Off course there are certain genetic diseases which can’t be treated especially childhood diseases. But in majority of life style diseases with genetic factor, these bad genes can be suppressed after correcting these environmental factor.
  8. How these diseases can be Idiopathic with these statistics and data given by W.H.O.,UNICEF and other agencies.
  9. We have proved with lab testing for two parameters (Vit. D & B12) with fair amount of success all over India in last 4 years.
  10. It should be done with all parameters simultaneously.

There are a lot of other basic things which are very important for us to know but some how somebody at very high level create confusion in our mind. They create a doubt over their role and efficacy etc. All these things should be evaluated. These things have definite role in our health. Whenever a patient of any chronic disease comes to us.All these root causes should be corrected first and then he should be prescribed medicines for particular illness.

Prescription of statin to a hyper cholesterolemic person is not bad. But we should simultaneously emphasize and rectify the causes which are responsible for raised cholesterol. Requirement of dose of drug will be minimized after a certain period. It’s same for pain killers, antidiabetic drugs, thyroid medicines, antihypertensive medicines and all other medicines for other chronic diseases. Even it’s same for other serious diseases like autoimmune diseases and cancer.